In 1994 Roy and Rachael Cecchetti purchased a two and a half acre parcel in the Sonoma Valley, one mile east of the Plaza. On that parcel, situated next to the grand willow tree and the natural spring fed pond, was an old backhouse. Through some research of the property, it was discovered that the old backhouse was once home to vintners, writers, artists and those who craved the solitude and enjoyment of nature. Backhouse wines were created to bring these memories back to life for a new generation.
Region: Sonoma
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Bon Anno means "good year" in Italian and over three generations in the wine business, our family has had many good times. We are the first of the Bonannos to follow our passion into the world of winemaking.

Owner and Winemaker Matt Bonanno started BonAnno in 2004 with the vision of creating a top quality Napa Cab for today's wine enthusiasts. His strategy? Source grapes and wine from artisan growers to get the highest quality at the best price. Then carefully handcraft each bottle at one of Napa's top cab houses to create the unique BonAnno style that is consistently fruit driven, juicy and well structured.
Region: Napa Valley 
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Chop Shop is a go-to California Cabernet Sauvignon ready to be enjoyed any night of the week with everything from
pizza to hamburgers to steak, and is equally as great on its own. A touch of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc add some
dark, complex nuances to this otherwise juicy Cabernet Sauvignon, and what’s in the bottle is a red that is friendly
and versatile, with underlining masculinity and structure. Complex flavors of black cherry, leather and
tobacco are balanced by hints of cocoa and violet.

Region: Lodi & Clarksburg
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Esser Vineyards is a family-owned winery based in Napa Valley. Founded in 2001 by Manfred Esser, who began his career in Germany, where he was born, as salesman for Germany's leading winery. Later he joined Napa Valley's "Cuvaison Wines" as a partner and President. 

For Esser Vineyards his credo was to craft wines of which his customers would say "they are more than I expect." He set out to make his wines easily accessible price wise all the while ensuring that quality-wise they could stand up to wines costing considerably more. To achieve his goal he worked with Paul Moser, the renowned winemaker who has many times been acclaimed by Robert Parker for his excellence in crafting outstanding wines. 

Esser Vineyards wines are an elegant expression of fruit forward style Californian wines. 
Region: Monterey
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Hanzell is California's first 'boutique' wine estate. Founded in 1953 by Diplomat James D. Zellerbach and his wife, Hana, who became fond of Burgundy and its wines while he served as an American ambassador to Italy. 

The Ambassador's Vineyard, planted in 1953, is the oldest continually producing vineyard of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the New World. Selections from the original plantings at Hanzell have become known as the "Hanzell clone," and have been planted throughout California. 

Winemaking at Hanzell was very Burgundian from the beginning and Zellerbach was among the first in California to utilize French oak barrels. In addition, Zellerbach designed the first temperature controlled stainless steel fermentation tanks used in conjunction with the traditional French oak barrels. He was also was the first to use nitrogen in bottling. 

The current winemaker is Michael McNeill. The house style has remained consistent. The original 6 acre vineyard has grown to 42 acres today, allowing Hanzell to produce 6,000 cases annually: three quarters Chardonnay and one-quarter Pinot Noir. 
Region: Sonoma County 
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Littorai Wines is a small, family owned and operated winery producing world class vineyard designated Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the true north coast of California: the coastal mountains of Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.

Littorai Wines was founded in 1993 by Heidi and Ted Lemon. Their philosophy toward winegrowing is profoundly French and profoundly Burgundian, since Ted learned the trade from such eminent winemakers as Jacques Seysses, Aubert De Villaine and Jean Marie Roumier. 
Region: Sonoma 
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Matt Bonanno and Fritz Stuhlmuller joined forces to found Matthew Fritz, MF, with the mission of consistently delivering premium wines from top­ notch appellations at outstanding prices. Matt and Fritz leverage their access to insider offerings, decades of combined wine expertise, and their extensive production capabilities to make exceptional wines that are priced to create superior market opportunities.
Region: North Coast
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In 1989, Melville Vineyards, a family owned and operated enterprise was founded in Sonoma County's Knights Valley, where Ron Melville grew high quality, much sought after Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1996, Ron's desire to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay brought Melville Vineyards to Lompoc's Sta. Rita Hills, located in the western Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County, California. 
The Melville estate achieves quality through the integrity of its farming practice and its respect to the microclimate. The Melvilles believe that a fine wine begins in the terroir or microclimate of a vineyard.

Region: Santa Rita Hills/ Santa Barbara 
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We may not be able to tell you if a cat crossing your path is good luck or bad, but we can tell you one thing with certainty. We see great wine in your future!

Omen Wines are hand-crafted with care from high-quality fruit that have come from “hidden gem” AVA vineyards. This means we have no need to sweeten our wines, or add gum arabic (used to increase mouthfeel) or Velcorin (DMDC). Our desire is to bring excellent wines to anyone, regardless of age or income, who are eager to find an additive-free, crafted wine at an everyday price.
Region: Sierra Foothills, California/ Willamette Valley, Oregon 
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For over seventy years beginning in 1937 the Biale family has grown Zinfandel and a variety of produce on their farm located on the outskirts of the town of Napa. A large population of white leghorn chickens once produced a steady supply of eggs that a young Aldo Biale regularly delivered around town to customers. Along with the eggs and produce, a teenaged Aldo began discreetly selling his homemade wine to a few wine-loving Napans. "Black Chicken" was code to deliver a jug of the secret Zinfandel. 

In 1991, the winery made their first vintage from 60 year old vines. In addition to their many Zinfandel bottlings, Biale Winery also makes an excellent Syrah with grapes sourced from Alexander Valley. Sourced from the same family vineyard that the Biale family have farmed their whole lives, with additional grapes from a neighboring vineyard in the Oak Knoll District, Black Chicken stands as the ultimate expression of Zinfandel from the cool southern Napa Valley, and perhaps the most famous icon of Napa Valley Zinfandel in general.
Region: Napa Valley
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Founding Farmers Zinfandel    Alberta CSPC     British Columbia CSPC  >  Tasting Notes
Rockpile Zinfandel    Alberta CSPC     British Columbia CSPC  > Tasting Notes 
Basic Black    Alberta CSPC     British Columbia CSPC   >  Tasting Notes 
Varozza Zinfandel    Alberta CSPC     British Columbia CSPC  > Tasting Notes
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Cecchetti Wine Company was launched by Roy Cecchetti, and his wife, Rachael, in 2006. The company produces consistent and approachable wines of excellent value from California, including the emerging Lake County AVA. The company produces Redtree, a line of affordably priced California appellation wines that have been widely acclaimed, and was selected by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as a “Best Buy."

Roy Cecchetti was enjoying a glass of wine with his adult daughter in his backyard when she mentioned how much she loved the beautiful Red Oak tree growing on the property. “That tree captured something special for us,” says Roy Cecchetti, a long time wine industry veteran. “It was a symbol of the beautiful moments that nature provides for us here in California. Wine is a way of capturing those moments.”

Like that symbolic tree, Redtree wines are rooted in California’s rich agricultural history and celebrate the natural beauty of the Golden State. 
Region: Sonoma
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Founded in 1980, Schug Carneros Estate Winery is the showcase and life-long dream of one of California's most celebrated winemakers. Walter Schug's reputation blossomed during his tenure as Winemaker for Joseph Phelps Vineyards in the 1970s, where he made California's first proprietary Bordeaux-Style blend, Insignia. This was the first wine to ever achieve a 99 point rating by noted wine critic Robert Parker Jr. .
Region: Sonoma
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Stuhlmuller Vineyards is located at the southern edge of the Alexander Valley, where it converges with two other highly regarded Sonoma County appellations, Chalk Hill and the Russian River Valley. On its eastern edge, the 150-acre vineyard borders the Russian River. Situated in a unique location that is part river benchlands and part hillside, the vineyard benefits from its alluvial gravel soils and the more rocky soils that comprise the hillside sections of the vineyard.

Since 1982, Stuhlmuller Vineyards has built a reputation as growers of world-class grapes, selling their coveted fruit to a number of top area wineries. By the mid-90s, Fritz Stuhlmuller was so inspired by the complex wines being made from his family's vineyard that he established a small, artisan winery bearing the Stuhlmuller name.

In 2000 Stuhlmuller Vineyards built a new winery on the property, sized precisely to handle the small amounts of world-class, estate fruit the Stuhlmullers select to create their wines. Guided by gifted winemaker Leo Hansen (and consulting winemaker Kerry Damskey), Stuhlmuller Vineyards handcrafts, small-lot wines that embody a rich, expressive charm, and a distinctive sense of place.
Region: Alexander Valley 
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Estate Zinfandel    Alberta CSPC     British Columbia CSPC  >Tasting Notes

The grapes for this Central Coast Grenache and Syrah blend were sourced primarily from cool climate areas like Monterey and Santa Barbara County, and were picked at 21-23 brix for a high natural acidity that makes the wine ideal for summer drinking. To ensure as little extraction from the skins as possible, we used the direct press method, retaining the delicate fruit aromas and pale color rosé is known for. The final blend is a composition of many small fermentations, each treated individually with care. SUSTAINABLY FARMED
Region: Central Coast
Summer Water Rosé    Alberta CSPC      >  Tasting Notes

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Sole owner and winemaker Joe Dobbes has been making wine in Oregon for over twenty years and his passion increases with each vintage. Joe has developed relationships with some of the best winegrowers in Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Rogue Valley appellations. He understands the important role that terroir plays in the character development of wine. He carefully selects his fruit from vineyards with differing elevations, soil types and clones to produce the most expressive Pinot Noirs. Joe believes that, from vintage-to-vintage, the highest quality and most consistent Pinot Noir bottlings are achieved through the blending of multiple vineyard lots.

My objective when making WINE BY JOE is to produce approachable wines that are true to their varietal character and accurate representations of the Oregon terroir. WINE BY JOE is a versatile wine that is at home in the finest restaurants, in the park on a picnic blanket, at a friends dinner party, or in the back of a truck at a tailgate party. Our labels are simple, cheeky and devoid of any wine-geek speak. So if you want label poetry look elsewhere, if you want "really good" Pinot Gris then you've found it. And wherever you choose to enjoy our wines, we thank you for your patronage. Joe Dobbes, Proprietor & Winemaker
Region: Willamette Valley
Dobbes Family Estate Viognier - Rogue Valley    Alberta CSPC  >Tasting Notes
Dobbes Family Estate Grand Assemblage Pinot Noir  Alberta CSPC     British Columbia CSPC   >   Tasting Notes
Dobbes Family EstateGrand Assemblage Syrah - Rogue Valley    Alberta CSPC  > Tasting Notes
Wine by Joe Rosé   Alberta CSPC  >  Tasting Notes
Wine by Joe Pinot Gris   Alberta CSPC  >  Tasting Notes
Wine by Joe Pinot Noir    Alberta CSPC     British Columbia CSPC  >  Tasting Notes 

Ken Wright is a long-time and much-respected winemaker in the Willamette Valley working out of his winery in Carlton to craft twelve single-vineyard Pinot Noirs from several appellations. There is also a small amount of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc produced.

Wright was a pioneer of single-vineyard Pinot Noir, beginning early on to make as many as a dozen single-vineyard Pinot Noirs each year which earned him the title of "terroirist." His knowledge of Oregon geography allowed him to be instrumental in gaining approval of the six landmark sub-AVAs in the northern Willamette Valley in 2005. He has continued with long-term leases of many vineyard sites and also planted some estate vineyards.

Wright is known for commitment to quality and he spares no expense or effort. He is known to discard a large percentage of his harvest as substandard, to employ merciless triage and sorting, and to disassemble and toast his own barrels to meet his stringent standards. As early as 1994, he paid growers by the acre instead of by the ton, so he could farm for quality instead of high yields. He was among the first in Oregon to use vertical shoot-positioning to expose grape bunches to sunlight.
Pinot Noir  - Canary Vineyard   Alberta CSPC  > Tasting Notes


Purple Hands is owned and operated by Oregon winemaker Cody Wright. Cody grew up in the Willamette Valley, Oregon's most recognized and abundant wine region. With constant immersion in wineries and vineyards and with close family ties to some of the greatest wineries in the Northwest, Cody pursued the intense but rewarding work at key wineries in Oregon, New Zealand and Australia.

The original idea for the Purple Hands Blend wine label comes from a black and white picture of Ken Wright and Mike Etzel at a tuxedo dinner. The picture shows only their hands side by side, sleeves rolled up. You see the Purple etched harvest hands in contrast against the tuxedos, evoking the abstraction of the industry. The hands depiction of each harvest are a badge of honor among cellar crews, they illustrate the proof of their hard work and the passion of the vintage, a physical art piece morphing with each day.

Purple Hands primary focus is to bring beautiful wines to you every year. We have close connections to all of our vineyards, and meticulously compose the most honest expressions of terroir and clone.
Pinot Noir - Willamette Valley    Alberta CSPC     British Columbia CSPC  >  Tasting Notes
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Gramercy Cellars is an 8,000-case winery founded in 2005 by Master Sommelier Greg Harrington and his wife, Pam, to make Rhône- and Bordeaux-based wines in Washington State. We believe that great wines share common traits: great vineyards, small production, minimalist winemaking, time, and patience. Gramercy’s philosophy is simple: to develop or partner with the best vineyards, harvest ripe—not overripe—grapes, intervene minimally in the winemaking process, and use as little new oak as possible. The resultant wines display balance, intense fruit notes, strong earthiness, restraint, and elegance. Our wines often require time to develop, but reward that with patience. We seek to produce wines that complement food, provide great pleasure, and stand out as uniquely made in Washington.
Syrah - Columbia Valley    Alberta CSPC     British Columbia CSPC  >  Tasting Notes
Lower East Cabernet Sauvignon    Alberta CSPC    British Columbia CSPC > Tasting Notes
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