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The story of the Bassermann-Jordan winery is the story of a family dynasty which, together with others, established and greatly influenced quality-based viticulture in Germany for almost 300 years. Each generation produced great personalities who used their intelligence, expertise and flair as well as their financial and political influence to safeguard and improve the reputation of the winery and the outstanding wines produced in the Palatinate area of Germany – until they ended up among the top echelon of the wine world.
As respected politicians they have contact with the most influential personalities of their times and contribute greatly to the improvement of the legal and regulatory framework concerning viticulture. As patrons of the arts, they donate valuable objects to a variety of museums and render outstanding services to preserve the cultural heritage of the Palatinate region. As scientists, they work on improving wine-growing methods and write the definitive book on the history of viticulture. As experts in viticulture, they neither spare costs nor efforts to consistently develop their skills, their knowledge and the quality of their estate.
Region: Pfalz 
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CO2 Neutral 
GRUEN is is an ecologically motivated program! Through the purchase of CO2 certificates, GRUEN guarantees that its packaging is completely climate neutral (bottles, closures, labels, shipping cases). Climate neutrality means that emissions are offset by saving the same amount of CO2 elsewhere. This is a viable possibility to help reduce greenhouse gases and their damaging global impact.

The Riesling grapes for this wine were sourced from numerous steep slope sites surrounding the region of Bernkastel/Mosel & the Rheingau, and carefully blended to complement one another. They are produced by local growers under contract, who work according to the quality standards set forth by the Ress family.
Region: Mosel/ Rheingau
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The Joachim Bäumer (J.Bäumer) wine brand was born in the Rheingau in the 1950’s and acquired by the Ress family in 1957 as an extension of their proprietary Rheingau holdings. The J.Bäumer wines today are produced locally under contract and with direct oversight by the award winning winemaking team at Balthasar Ress.

It is said that you can taste the land where the grapes are grown in wine, and never is this truer than in the wines of
Germany's Rhine River valley. The soil in the area is rocky and the weather tends to be fairly temperate. These
conditions of soil and temperature give the region's wine its characteristic mineral notes, as well as providing the acidity
that balances out the flavors of the wines. 

Rheinhessen lies in a valley of rolling hills, bordered on the west by the Nahe River and on the north and east by
the Rhine. This 20 by 30 mile area between the winegrowing communities of Worms, Alzey, Mainz and Bingen is
the largest of the German winegrowing regionsand its production is second only to that of the Pfalz. Rheinhessen's
climate is relatively mild. The region receives about 20 inches of rain per year, and temperatures are moderate.
Region: Rhein/ Rheinhessen
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